AWESOME Musical Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

By now you know how much Greg and I love to support young people and their success. One of the highlights of last summer for us was rooting on the Mexican national champions/Mazatlán team in the Pony Leagues in Indiana. We had so much fun!

Last week I shared with you the awesome news that 24 young graduates from our local professional school of dance are heading to Florence for an international workshop, on scholarship. I told you they only need the airfare and other travel expenses.

Now I have even BETTER news! You can help them get to Italy AND attend one of the BEST dance parties EVER! The date is Wednesday, March 16, and the venue is the Hotel Playa. Our absolute favorite local band, La Falsa Orquesta Cubana, will be playing. The 650 peso price includes a 3-course meal and dance performances. This is indeed going to be a night to remember!

I do NOT want to have you tell me after the fact, “Why didn’t you let me know?” So, please, share this news widely with all your friends! Get a table together and come, let’s dance and have some fun! And, oh yeah, support the kids 😉



Two businesses have tickets on sale: Look Gallery and HelArte ice cream shop across from the Nid Art Gallery. Isa Medina will be selling tickets at Allegro Café on Wednesday March 9 from 9-11am, and at the same times on Tuesday March 15 at Allegro in the Zona Dorada. You can contact her and she will deliver tickets to you:

Secondly, I want to let you know that TODAY, Friday during Art Walk, the about-to-graduate dancers will be performing short pieces and contemporary dance fragments at four different galleries around town: BAUPRESDELIRIUM, LOOK, and NIDART. The kids and their friends/family will be collecting donations and selling tickets for the fundraising dinner. The schedule is:

  1. Baupres, Delirium and Nidart: dance performances at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 with live music in between/during the break.
  2. Look: continuous dance performance from 5:00 onwards to recorded music.

See you there!


Young Local Dancers Off to Florence—With your help

Espacio del Verbo
CONGRATULATIONS to the 24 dancers, from 10 Mexican states, who are among the 15th graduating class of the  Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán (EPDM). They have been invited to attend—on scholarship—the very prestigious OPEN FLR intensive dance lab in Florence, Italy!
This invitation is a huge coup for these young dancers, as it provides them the ability to work with other internationally acclaimed teachers, to meet premier dancers from all over the world, and it provides wonderful opportunity for future work. Not to mention that it showcases Mazatlán and México on the world stage!
They will graduate on July 1st, and the very next day they hope to fly to Florence—the dance lab takes place July 2-20. The organizers of the internationally acclaimed intensive saw the group perform their self-choreographed “El Espacio del Verbo” in December at the Encuentro Nacional de Danza. The invitation came shortly afterwards.

However, the young dancers need our help! Once they arrive in Florence, they’ll be on scholarship to the dance lab, and they will also be given housing. They will need to pay their airfare to get to Florence, and they only have 45 days.

The graduating class has already held a bazaar to raise funds, and they are planning a dinner. They’ve also set up a fundraising page, at which it’s very easy to donate any amount from 50 to 5000 pesos or its equivalent. The page is in Spanish, but I believe it’s intuitive to use even for non-Spanish readers. We’ve already made a contribution, and we hope you will, too!

If you’d like more information, you can email the group at You can also follow them on Twitter:
We are so blessed to have the internationally award-winning Delfos Contemporary Dance troupe based here in Mazatlán. Claudia, Victor and Omar are a blessing to our community. Back in 1998 they founded the Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán (EPDM), and today we reap the fruits of their efforts, in the incredible dancing we are able to affordably witness here. Congratulations to the young dancers, and to their able teachers! We are very proud of you!