Women’s March Mazatlán


(inglés y español) Sábado, 21 enero 2017, a las 4 de la tarde en el Escudo, una marcha hasta las Clavadistas. ¡Vengan e inviten a todos! ¡Mazatlán está en el mapa y se cuenta entre los 370 de marchas internacionales! Detalles y registración gratis aquí.

Saturday January 21, 2017, at 4 pm, meet at the Escudo in Olas Altas and march to the Glorieta Sanchez Taboada/Cliff Divers. Join us and invite everyone you know! Mazatlán is on the map and counts itself among the 370 international marches! Details and free registration here.


Women’s March Global invites individuals and organizations committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion and those who understand women’s rights as human rights to join our local coalitions of marchers in representing the rights and voices of progressive people around the world. As concerned citizens standing up for human rights, Women’s March Global is a proactive international movement, not a U.S. election-specific protest per se, which has galvanized people to defend women’s rights and those of others in response to the rising rhetoric of far-right populism around the world.”

El sábado 21 de enero de 2017 millones de personas se reunirán en Washington DC y en cientos de ciudades alrededor del mundo. Este es un evento local para aquellos que creen en la misión y los valores de la “Women’s March on Washington” y quieren mostrar su apoyo. Lea más sobre la Women’s March on Washington aquí: www.womensmarch.com.

En solidaridad con las mujeres de todo el mundo, nos reuniremos a las 16:00 en el Escudo de Olas Altas y marcharemos pacíficamente por el Malecón y la Madre Océano hasta la Glorieta Sánchez Taboada/los Clavadistas, donde nos uniremos en un círculo de Amor y Paz. Este es un evento no político, no violento, con el propósito de mostrar apoyo y respeto por los derechos humanos básicos de las mujeres, las minorías, los marginados y los que son diferentes, dondequiera que vivan. Nos solidarizamos con la protección de nuestros derechos, nuestra seguridad, nuestra salud y nuestras familias, reconociendo que una comunidad vibrante y diversa fortalece y enriquece a la sociedad, a nuestros países y al mundo.

Maestros, traigan a sus estudiantes; Madres, traigan a sus familias extendidas; Niños, traigan a tus amigos. Adultos jóvenes, por favor, participen y ayuden a lograr un cambio positivo en nuestro mundo. Hombres de todas las edades, marchen con nosotros en solidaridad y apoyo a todas las mujeres en sus vidas que aman y valoran. Esta es una marcha inclusiva y todos son bienvenidos!

Tendremos una pancarta con el logotipo de la marcha de Washington y el texto que dice, SISTER MARCH EN MAZATLAN, MEXICO ~ EN SOLIDARIDAD CON LOS MEXICANOS, liderando la marcha. El grupo de planificación también hará algunos carteles para que los manifestantes lleven. Y le animamos a que haga su propio signo en el idioma que prefiera (o ambos). (Nota para los extranjeros: Manténgalo corto, respetuoso, legible, y dirigido a nuestras preocupaciones, ya que los extranjeros están prohibidos por la ley de la participación en la política mexicana.) Sugerencias para los lemas incluyen declaraciones de valores que queremos; Por ejemplo, “Honestidad / Honestidad”; O “Dignidad / Dignidad”; Derechos Humanos Para Todos; (Derechos Humanos para Todos); “Los Derechos de la Mujer son Derechos Humanos” o “Derechos de las Mujeres Son Derechos Humanos”.

¿Quiere decir algo sobre la propuesta muralla construida por EEUU a través de la frontera mexicana / estadounidense? “No al Muro” (No a la pared) es corto y dulce.

No es una protesta específica de las elecciones estadounidenses per se, sino un movimiento internacional proactivo que ha galvanizado a la gente para defender los derechos de las mujeres y los de otros en respuesta a la creciente retórica del populismo de extrema derecha en todo el mundo.

Encabezadas por los organizadores de la primera vez y los activistas experimentados, las marchas reunirá a personas de todos los orígenes, razas, religiones, identidades de género, edades y habilidades. Si bien son dirigidos por mujeres, todos son bienvenidos a asistir.

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On Saturday, January 21, 2017, hundreds of thousands will gather in Washington D.C. and in hundreds of cities around the world. This is a local event for those who believe in the mission and values of Women’s March on Washington and want to show their support. Read more about the Women’s March on Washington here: www.womensmarch.com.

In solidarity with women around the world, we will gather at 4pm at the Escudo in Olas Altas and march peacefully along the malecon and Mother Ocean to the Cliffdivers’ Plaza, where we will join together in a circle of Love and Peace. This is a non-political, non-violent event with the purpose of showing support and respect for the basic human rights of women, minorities, the disenfranchised and those who are different, wherever they may live. We stand together in solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that a vibrant and diverse community strengthens and enriches society, our countries and the world.

Teachers, bring your students; mothers, bring your extended families; children, bring your friends. Young adults, please take part and help effect positive change in our world. Men of all ages, march with us in solidarity and support of all the women in your lives that you love and value and couldn’t live without. This is an inclusive march and everyone is welcome!

We will have a banner with the Washington march logo and text that says, SISTER MARCH IN MAZATLAN, MEXICO ~ EN SOLIDARIDAD CON LOS MEXICANOS, leading the march. The planning group will also make some placards for marchers to carry. We encourage you to make your own sign in whichever language you prefer (or both).

Note to foreigners: Keep it short, respectful, legible, and directed at our concerns, as foreigners are forbidden by law from involvement in Mexican politics. Suggestions for slogans include statements of values that we hold dear; for example, “Honestidad/Honesty”; or “Dignidad/Dignity”; Derechos Humanos Para Todos; (Human Rights for All); “Women’s Rights are Human Rights;” or “Derechos de Las Mujeres son Derechos Humanos.’’

Want to say something about the proposed US built wall across the Mexican/US border? “No al Muro” (No to the Wall) is short and sweet.

This is not a U.S. election specific protest per se, but a proactive international movement, which has galvanized people to defend women’s rights and those of others in response to the rising rhetoric of far-right populism around the world.


Spearheaded by first-time organizers and seasoned activists, the marches will bring together people of all backgrounds, races, religions, gender identities, ages and abilities. While led by women, all are welcome to attend.

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Nitro Coffee in MZT



The beautiful Hailey Fontes with a glass of Rico’s Nitro Coffee

You are more hipster than me if you have heard about Nitro Coffee, invented in 2012 and evidently taking the world by storm. I’d never even heard about it until this morning at the Mercado Orgánico, where Rico’s Café had an icy cold keg of the nitrogen-infused, cold-brew coffee that’s creamy, frothy, and a beer lookalike. In fact, when Marianne (owner of Rico’s) offered me a glass, I told her I couldn’t drink alcohol so early in the morning!

Nitro Coffee debuted in Austin in 2012, when it was served by Cuvée Coffee on tap at the Slow Foods Quiz Bowl. Draft beverages are all the rage these days—wine, kombucha, sparkling tea—and it’s great to see that Marianne and her brewmeister husband Rogelio are keeping Mazatlán up with the times. When you fill a glass with Nitro Coffee, it’s beautiful: foamy, with waves of color filling the glass. Check out the video below to see:

A keg of Nitro Coffee


I normally drink coffee with cream, but Nitro Coffee is so smooth that I thoroughly enjoyed it served black. It was almost like drinking a glass of Guinness, but with a caffeine kick! Rico’s is not yet offering Nitro Coffee at their cafés, but it will be at the Mercado Orgánico, and I suggested they make it available by the keg for private parties (I was sad not to be able to get a keg of Tres Islas Beer for the holidays, but fortunately for them demand outstripped supply).

By the way, Rico’s is planning to get their expresso machine to the Plaza Zaragoza so we can enjoy their organic, local-roasted coffees any way we want them. They just need to figure out the electricity and water situation, which is taking a bit of time with the turnover in municipal government.


AC/DC in Mazatlán!?


AC/DC is easily one of the most recognized names in Rock & Roll. Their music can be heard all over the world, all over the radio and all over Mazatlán, streaming out of bars, nightclubs, pulmonías, aurígas and cars. To many they are Rock & Roll, with an appeal from today’s youth (like my 21-year-old son) to those who rocked to the band’s first album in 1975. After the original lead singer, Bon Scott, died in 1980, Brian Johnson stepped in and became the “voice” and “sound” of the band until his sudden retirement last year. Axl Rose stepped up to finish the tour, but the future of the band is now in doubt. One thing seems to be for sure: the days of hearing Brian Johnson belt out You Shook Me All Night Long are gone. But wait….

What if I told you that you could see a group called Highway to Hell, with a lead singer who can hit high notes like a young Brian Johnson? What if I told you that group will be playing in Mazatlán at the International Convention Center on Saturday, January 28? Would it help to know that this group not only sounds like AC/DC, but looks like them, right down to Angus Young’s schoolboy outfit and Brian’s hair? They have performed all over the world and are respected enough by the real AC/DC to have shared a stage with Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams (bass player, soon to be retired). They rocked Hermosillo in November (https://youtu.be/2fcxqdQeLNg) and recently played to over 10,000 in Mexico City. This is the closest you can get to seeing AC/DC and it is coming to you real soon.

How does something like this come to happen? The commitment and energy of a local expat and longtime music fan, Ray Wright of El Sol La Vida, is making this happen. He has partnered with Tecate, the Mazatlán International Center and TV Azteca. If it’s a success, and I’m sure it will be, he promises to bring more acts to Mazatlán. I had a chance to catch up with Ray recently, and here’s what he had to say. Pay special attention towards the middle for a special promise from the band if the event is a success:

To see AC/DC on their last tour was price prohibitive. Even back in the 80’s, I’m sure I paid over $20 US (plus parking) to see a concert. Call it flashback pricing or whatever you like, but Ray is able to bring us this amazing outdoor open-air event with multiple bands and a DJ, encompassing six hours of music, for only 200 pesos. If you are a VIP rocker these days, 600 pesos gets you a seat at a table. The tables are for eight people, so why not invite some friends to come along as well? Either way you can’t go wrong with affordable food and beverages easily available. Here are the quick facts:


Saturday, January 28, 7:00 pm
Mazatlán International Center
Tickets 200 pesos (VIP 600) – available all over Mazatlán:

Gran Plaza (beginning Friday, January 13) – look for a special kiosk
Mazatlán International Center
Bikinis Bar in the Golden Zone (Thursday – Sunday 6 pm – 4 am)
Athina Spa – Calla Bellisario Dominguez 1600 in El Centro
Reason’s Hair Salon in the Marina
Surf’s Up Cafe
TBM Offices in Marina next to Dock 7
or by calling Ray Wright 669-146-1626

Schedule is more or less as follows:

Doors open at 6:00 with DJ Nhas starting at 6:30
Opening Act: Local band, Beggars Banquet 7:30 – 9:00
Highway to Hell takes the stage around 9:30 and plays until around 11:30 or midnight
DJ Nhas returns and will play music as long as people are buying beer!

Let’s face it, living in Mazatlán rocks (pun intended). But it means that to see an international performer or band, you have to travel to Monterrey, D.F., or even the United States. Tribute bands are a way to fill the void without traveling. And if you’re going to see a tribute band, you should see the best of breed, which Highway to Hell certainly is.

Behind the Chamber 2017: Voice On Point


I am proud to present to you a series of interviews with Maestro Gordon Campbell in which he gives us a sneak peek of the 2017 Temporada Campbell. The fifth concert in this year’s series will be held on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at noon in the Angela Peralta Theater. Entitled “Voice on Point,” the a cappella performance will feature Mexico’s most internationally recognized vocal ensemble, “Voz en Punto.” Comprised of baritone and director José Galván, sopranos Liliana Montiel and Vanessa Millán, dramatic soprano Sonia Solórzano, and tenors Sergio Quiroz and Luis Martínez, the group has performed with Bobby McFerrin and the King’s Singers and has received numerous international awards.

To hear Maestro Gordon Campbell’s “Behind the Chamber” interview about the performance click on the video below.

The full concert series takes place through March 5, 2017. You can purchase your tickets for specific concerts (300 pesos each) or a series pass (2000 pesos) at the Angela Peralta Theater box office—open 9am-3pm and 5-7pm—or online at CULTURA Mazatlán.


Support the Camerata
Tax-deductible donations to recover costs of the Camerata and the community chorus are received by the Patronato Philomusica AC, Banco Bajio account number 14166839. Your donation is tax-deductible in Mexico and worldwide. Please help support the high caliber of arts in our community by pledging generously!

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Mazatlán’s New Olympic Pool

The largest swimming pools in Mazatlán have been 25 meters long. And they are private: Rex, Montfort… Last month, before Mayor Felton left office, IMDEM (Instituto Municipal de Deporte Mazatlán) inaugurated a new, public, 50 meter Olympic-sized pool. This morning I went to check it out.

The pool is beautiful, heated, and clearly built for lap swimming. There is no zero entry, no lift for special needs, not even a ladder; you dive in. The depth of the full length of the pool was very welcome; no shallows to worry about scraping your hands or feet on. Each side has a ledge for standing if you need a rest. 

There were 20 or so swimmers at 7:30 this morning, everyone smiling and friendly. It was a very welcoming space, full of people caring for their health.

Rafael Garcia is in charge of the pool. An affable man, he told me he’s instructor, janitor, night watchman…everything right now. He is currently not giving classes, but was highly engaged walking around helping and coaching anyone who wanted advice.

The pool is located on the west side of Ejército Mexicano, just south of UAS. The entrance is just north of the giant Tecate sign. Initiation fee is 200 pesos, with a monthly 500 peso fee; much more affordable than private options. Bring two photos (infantil-sized) with you when you register. The pool has no shade. Locker rooms, showers, changing rooms and bathrooms should be open within two weeks. The pool opens at 6am Monday-Saturday. It closes from 11-4 Monday-Friday, reopening 4-8pm. On Saturdays it closes at 1pm. From March plans are for the pool to be open 6am to 10pm.

There is a very large diving pool also, with equipment for boards or platforms of three different heights. These are not yet finished. 

Bleachers are on top of the very large pool house, with a huge central hall, offices, and at least two additional good-sized rooms.

The Olympic pool and installations are a terrific new addition to Mazatlán, and I look forward to making the most of its availability. 

This is the first post I’m writing and publishing from my cell phone. Let’s hope it works!