Mazatlán in the World Series SemiFinals


Colt World Series’ Mexican National Team and host families as well as families

We won nationals; Mazatlán was first in all of Mexico.

We travelled 55 hours by bus to beat Vietnam. We beat Michigan and Lafayette, the host team. Czech Republic lost, as did Texas. We made it to the semifinals.

Today, 3-2, Puerto Rico bested us. We gave it our all. PR had played three games in five days, we’d played five. Their fielding was incredibly sharp; they’re good at the double plays. We played very well. César and Pedro both pitched wonderfully. Puerto Rico, however, well deserved the win. Click on any photo to view it larger or see a slideshow.

Sadly, we are out. We congratulate PR. We congratulate all those who travelled so far to be here, as well as the host teams. We thank all the host families, two of whom have hosted for five years in a row! We thank the interpreters, and the local Mexican-American community, who showed up every day (till past midnight twice over) to cheer us on. Bless you!

5-year host family

5-year host family

Today we were visited by Larry, a Mazatlán snowbird for the past 12 years.


Only Puerto Rico’s cheering section rivaled ours, and they didn’t come close 😉 Mazatlecos know how to make noise, how to party, and how to play baseball! And, we are all tired!

Job well done!

Puerto Rico will play in the championship tomorrow. We are not yet sure who they will be playing, but it will be either North Carolina or California.

The Pony League was founded in 1951 in Washington, PA at the local YMCA. “Pony” stood for “Protect our neighborhood youth.” It has nine age groups, from 4-19, and is in 21 countries. The US is divided into four zones, plus internationally there are the Asia-Pacific, Caribbean, European, and Mexican zones. The Pony League hosts seven international World Series each summer for the varying age groups. Mazatlán won the Mexican National Title in two age categories in 2015: Colt (age 15-16, which took place here in Indiana) and Pony (age 13-14, which took place in Pennsylvania). Congratulations!

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