Services and Help with Oneil’s Dogs

14914789_10157585739390548_694594932_n.jpgAs we all try to grapple with the loss of our dear friend Oneil McGean, his family has asked for our help again.

You may know that Oneil had two gorgeous small dogs—Guinness, a dachshund, and Brandy, a small mixed breed—that he doted on. They are currently in Mazatlán with a family that is taking good care of them. However, Oneil’s brother, Chris, who lives in Phoenix, would like the dogs with him.

Are any of you driving north anytime soon and would be willing to take the dogs up with you? Chris is offering to cover your expenses and he can drive pretty much anywhere on the US side of the border to pick them up. This is a great way to help a friend, a fellow expat, or even just get your gas and tolls paid for! If you are willing to help, please contact me or Oneil’s brother Donnie. The dogs’ paperwork will be taken care of so all you need to do is transport the dogs, Donnie assures me.

I’d also like to share that the family will hold a Celebration of Life Memorial Mass on December 3, 2016 at 11am at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament Church, 3630 Quesada St., NW, Washington DC. There will be a wake immediately after the mass at The Barking Dog, 4723 Elm St., Bethesda, Md.

Here in Mazatlán, Tracey Grantham and Nan Rob are planning a memorial for Oneil on the same day as the one in DC, Saturday December 3rd. They don’t yet have details, but will soon. Stay tuned.

Rest in peace, Descansa en paz, mi amigo querido. We miss you terribly.

Help Us Find Oneil

14681859_10211225149723508_3995029327415111999_n.jpgMost of you know Oneil Patrick Carroll McGean. As owner/operator of Café Playa Sur, he is always ready with a smile and a hug. He includes so many of us in his wonderful parties, whether fireworks viewing or piñata busting. He has lived here in Mazatlán full time for 10 years, and still manages the Old Mazatlán Condominiums. He is a quintessential bridge-builder, with as many local as international friends.

Oneil’s a great guy. Last winter, when a local public school was vandalized, he worked tirelessly to raise money to repaint and buy new computers. Oneil’s the kind of person that’s there when you need something; he’s just good people.

Tuesday night, Oneil went missing. We know where he was headed—to meet a new acquaintance at Hotel Punta Pacífico, at the entrance to the Delfín area. Friends watched him leave. After that, we don’t know. It is heartbreaking.

Thanks to local connections, friends, and officials, we have moved mountains today and gotten the wheels in motion to find him. Obviously the longer the delay, the more fear we have. His brother will join us from Hawai’i tomorrow.

We are quite confident Oneil has met misfortune. He loves his dogs dearly, and has left them unattended. He would never do that in a million years. Thankfully, his friend Jorge has stepped in to make sure the dogs are well taken care of, and to spend two days without sleep mobilizing a search effort and investigation. No one could ask for a better friend. Janet Blaser has also been a huge help. I so admire her clear thinking in times of trauma. And her connections.

The local, state and US American authorities have been alerted that Oneil is missing under suspicious circumstances. I contacted Mayor Felton this evening, and he spoke with Governor Malova, who tomorrow will send a specialized group of personnel here to Mazatlán to search for Oneil. A small group of close friends are working with the family, US American consulate, local authorities, and police to try and expedite and help as much as possible.

Please, help to spread the word of his story. Use any connections you have to get everyone informed and helping with this. And help us hold him up in prayer or meditation for a safe return.

Please do NOT spread sensationalistic nonsense—this is most probably not narco or gang violence. We hold hope that Oneil will show up soon, perhaps with fewer pesos, and not too badly beaten.

We love you, my dear friend.

Bashing “The Donald”

US Americans residing here in Mazatlán, as well as their friends, were able to show our outrage with Donald Trump’s inanities yesterday, thanks to Oneil McGean of Cafe Playa Sur. Oneil filled two Trump-look-alike piñatas with candy, coins and hair combs (!), so that we could constructively and therapeutically release our feelings about his racist statements. Take a look: Kids and adults alike got in on the fun. Click on any photo below to enlarge it or to view a slideshow.

Those attending were so eager to hit the piñatas that I believe we could have destroyed about 20 of them. Thank you, Cafe Playa Sur, for this corrective and liberating event!

If you missed the piñata bashing, or even if you didn’t, you may enjoy releasing some of your irritation by watching the corrido below.