Bashing “The Donald”

US Americans residing here in Mazatlán, as well as their friends, were able to show our outrage with Donald Trump’s inanities yesterday, thanks to Oneil McGean of Cafe Playa Sur. Oneil filled two Trump-look-alike piñatas with candy, coins and hair combs (!), so that we could constructively and therapeutically release our feelings about his racist statements. Take a look: Kids and adults alike got in on the fun. Click on any photo below to enlarge it or to view a slideshow.

Those attending were so eager to hit the piñatas that I believe we could have destroyed about 20 of them. Thank you, Cafe Playa Sur, for this corrective and liberating event!

If you missed the piñata bashing, or even if you didn’t, you may enjoy releasing some of your irritation by watching the corrido below.