Have You Got Your Laugh On?


Laughing is good for your health; there are loads of studies showing that. Do you get enough laughter in your life? One of our own local expats, Cheryl Gaudet, singer and guitarist extraordinaire, is looking out for us. Soon, everyone in Mazatlán will be able to easily and enjoyably improve our health with loads of laughter therapy at the new Mazatlán Comedy Club (MCC).

Nationally recognized comedians from the US will be joining us for five all-English shows, one Sunday each month, November through March. The comedians have all been on primetime TV and have played some of the best clubs in the world. Many of them have multiple albums. Each show includes performances by two comedians.

Doors open at 5:30 so that the show can begin at 7:00 pm. Get there early to eat, so you don’t choke while you’re laughing at the show! Each 500 peso ticket gets you a buffet dinner, OPEN bar, parking and the double-headliner performances. What a deal!

The shows will be “clean,” family-friendly, and will take place at the gorgeous Venados Showroom in the Hotel Playa. Tickets can be purchased at the concierge’s desk in the lobby of the Hotel Playa. The venue seats 350 people, at tables set up for anywhere from 1 to 15 people. You can choose your seats on a chart at the concierge desk, and you can reserve a table for your family and friends. Get all your mates together and enjoy a night of fun! There is also balcony seating. Please note that only cash is accepted.

We bought our tickets a couple of weeks ago, and today I sat down with Cheryl to see if I could get some of the inside scoop. I learned that she has always led a double life, and a very interesting one at that. This is what she had to say.

Here’s the schedule for this season:

When you go, remember to bring non-perishable food items to donate to Friends of Mexico, who will get it out to those who need it. I’m proud to learn that Cheryl continues her lifelong passion for inclusivity and community outreach by partnering with FOM in this way. We hope the Mazatlán Comedy Club will be laughing its way into our hearts and to success!

Opening of the Hotel Jonathon

We’ve been watching it being built. Have gone in a couple of times to check out the progress. Was supposed to have opened in time for Carnavál last February.

But, hey, the Jonathan Hotelis now open, it’s been open for five days, and it’s beautiful!

Facing the Angela Peralta Theater, it has a view of our city that we haven’t yet been privy to; unless of course you own a 3-story home right in front of the opera house!

On this Thursday evening during graduation and end-of-the-school-year season, it was quite the exciting place to be!

The Hotel Jonathan, built with Korean-San Diego money from what I hear, is really gorgeous.

Very modern, though they kept the historic façade per Centro Histórico regulations.

We went at sunset this evening, and had a drink up on the rooftop bar as we waited for Danny to finish his painting classes at the Municipal Center for the Arts.

The setting is gorgeous, although you see the reality of our fair city right next door.

The food was good but not outstanding. That may of course improve as staff get accustomed to their roles. We ordered barbecued shrimp and crab-stuffed mushrooms. Danny later had clam chowder.

All our dishes were fine, just not remarkable. Presentation was nice.

The Jonathan Hotel would seem to be a beautiful addition to our local boutique hotel scene: well located, old-world yet modern, romantic yet sleek. The restaurant is on the ground floor and is gorgeous, with some nice Asian ink-brush paintings and floor-to-ceiling-windows onto the central courtyard.

A great place to wait for our kids to finish their classes. A great place for before or after the theater. A wonderful place to hear the Plazuela music without the crowds. Tonight the rooftop bar was ours and ours alone.

Let’s hope this venture endures! Good luck and god speed!

Update in July: The Hotel seems to have liked our photos. Check out the header on their web page. Would have been courteous to acknowledge this post and request use, but, glad it’s of use….