Memories of Time

IMG_7016French Canadian artist Manon Côte has an exhibition of some very unique visual art pieces on display right now in the Galería Carlos Bueno at the art museum. I very much enjoyed meeting her and viewing both her artwork and that of her students.

She has made rubbings of some of the walls of antique homes and buildings here in town using a technique called “frottage,” which transfers the print to Japanese paper, and then adds watercolor or colored pencil to the prints. Manon is fascinated by the textures of the walls of Old Mazatlán. While she has been in town she also conducted a couple of workshops to teach others her techniques. I’m afraid I was so busy with my own show I missed those, but the results the students generated are quite fascinating. The exhibit opened Friday night during ArtWalk, and continues through April 30th. Manon will hold a conference on International Women’s Day, March 8.

Cecilia Sanchez Duarte (China) has really reinvigorated our beloved Museo de Arte, and has a full calendar planned for the spring. Be sure to visit if you haven’t lately!