CosPlayers Mazatlán

I’ve written you before about cosplay in our fair city. Dressing up as anime or movie characters, and even acting the part, has become a huge worldwide industry, from Japan, Korea and China to the Americas and Europe. We’ve had several conventions in town, and this past Sunday evening La Mona downtown hosted an event by Carlos Reyes and his Copa Cosplay Pacífico.

The event included participants walking the cat walk much like a fashion show, and the judges choosing the best characters. First we got the top seven, then the top two. In between there was singing and some awesomely cool movies of cosplayers (locally called “freakies”) doing their thing on the beach and around time.

I love events like this. It’s wonderful to see people enjoying themselves and acting silly. I fell in love with the tiniest cosplayer, whose Mom also dressed up, though Dad sat to take care of her. Poison Ivy was my personal favorite—so much energy and joy of life infused into that character! She definitely stole the show. She took second place, while the giant machine-cat guy (please tell me the character’s name) placed first. Click on any photo to enlarge it or view a slideshow.

Freakies, adelante con las fotos; son tuyas, pero guarden mi © por favor. Si quieran unas para imprimir mándame mensaje privado, pf. Tengo muchas más que no he subido.

Last night they announced the national event will take place at La Mona on July 11th. I probably won’t be here for it, so please plan to attend and take photos for me!

I Want Karen I’s Dress!

166761_10151410872402310_1374773705_nIf you know me, you know I’m not big on dressing up. Ok, occasionally it feels good. I especially do not go for brocade and heavy, encumbering clothes, either. Give me something light and easy.

But just take a look at the GORGEOUS detail in this ensemble for Karen I, Queen of Carnavál Internacional de Mazatlán 2013! It’s some of the most beautiful costuming I’ve seen in a long, long time!

Front and back are both incredible. She was dressed Egyptian style, I’m guessing to represent the movie Cleopatra?

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Lidia, Queen of the Juegos Florales, had a gorgeous dress as well. I’ll post that slideshow below. But for me, I need the queen’s dress! 😉

Earlier I wrote a post about the incredibly talented woman and her team who sew these incredible costumes. Click here to read it if you’d like.

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