City Improvements are Rockin’ It!

Mazatlán has a bumper crop of city renovation and development projects underway, and I have been remiss, posting to VidaMaz’s Facebook page about several of them, but failing to actually upload them here to the blog for you who don’t follow us on social media.

Parque Central/Central Park

The first project is championed by Pueblo Bonito’s Neto Coppel. He announced his plans to build a new state-of-the-art museum several months ago, and we shared those press releases. The new museum will be built on the site of the current Teodoro Mariscal baseball stadium, (if) and when a new stadium is built up north in the marina. The overall project, called Parque Central or Central Park, is planned for the current site of the Bosque de la Ciudad, City Park, just behind the malecón between the Aquarium and Avenida Insurgentes.

I love how the estuaries are actually expanded rather than contracted in the plans, and I also adore that we will have another frontage road to Avenida del Mar—permitting access during street closures such as Carnavál parades and marathon. The plans include pedestrian and bicycle access to the park from the malecón, which will be terrific for locals and tourists. The plans, I’m sure you’ll agree, look marvelous! This will be a huge addition to our gorgeous city! Click on any photo to view it larger or see a slideshow.

Carpa Olivera/Outdoor Pool in Olas Altas

The second project I want to be sure you know about is already under construction. It is the renovation of the historic outdoor pool in Olas Altas. For the past several weeks the area has had a plywood wall blocking access, and work is proceeding to upgrade and update the pool. Below are the architects’ renderings of that project, as well as a couple of photos of the site from the Mayor’s office.

Again, I’m sure you’ll agree this project is a huge improvement. It will be wonderful to have a public swimming pool with such an incredible view. This is a project that will be a terrific asset to families in our community, and it will showcase Mazatlán on the world stage—seaside pools gain a lot of attention.

Palm Trees on the Malecón

I’ve posted photos of workers cutting the cement of the malecón in order to plant the palm trees, which it seems were gifted to the city by Stone Island. I then posted photos of them installing lighting. There has been a lot of pushback by residents who don’t like the new palm trees. Some complain they provide no shade, others that they ruin the open view of the ocean. Personally, I absolutely love them! I believe they add a sophistication and cared-for look to our beloved oceanside promenade, which I believe is the longest in the world. As I write workers are installing lighting in front of our condo building, but the first stretch of lighting, from Valentino’s to Las Gavias, has been completed. Photos from the Tourism Office are below.

New Athletic Facilities in the Bosque/City Park

By now you know we have new soccer fields and basketball courts in the grassy center of the boulevard along city park. Just recently they have finished two new, gorgeous tennis courts, and I am told the city will be offering tennis lessons to the public. Thus far they go very under-used, so get out there and play!

Between the new courts and the Kilometer Zero art installation are new weight and exercise machines that have been installed. These are obviously built for outdoor use, but my guess is they won’t last long in this salty air unless they are scrupulously maintained. Get to them and work out while you can! At 6:30 am yesterday when I went by, a young man, a trainer, was there instructing people how to use it.

Zona Dorada/Golden Zone Renovations

Finally, I reported on our social media several months ago when the Mayor announced rehabilitation of the Golden Zone. Improvements include new sidewalks, which are gorgeous, by the way! They installed the new undulating wave/resin and concrete sidewalk in front of the Hotel Playa a week or two ago. I failed to get a photo of it when I saw it, and now it has been all torn up as city workers install new cable for lighting. Poor planning, sadly. The Golden Zone should be finished by February, they say, and in addition to curbs, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping, we pray they’ll be working on drainage. Flooding in that area is horrible when it rains, primarily due to the fact that most of it is reclaimed land.

Some residents complain that all these monies could better be spent on drainage, sewage, road repair, etc., but nearly every day on the Mayor’s page on Facebook he shares with us yet another paving or water project in one of the city’s many colonias. He does, indeed, seem to be doing what he promised our municipality when he ran for office! I, for one, am very excited.

LOVING our city!


About Dianne Hofner Saphiere

There are loads of talented people in this gorgeous world of ours. We all have a unique contribution to make, and if we collaborate, I am confident we have all the pieces we need to solve any problem we face. I have been an intercultural organizational effectiveness consultant since 1979, working primarily with for-profit multinational corporations. I lived and worked in Japan in the late 70s through the 80s, and currently live in and work from México, where with a wonderful partner we've raised a bicultural, global-minded son. I have worked with organizations and people from over 100 nations in my career. What's your story?

8 thoughts on “City Improvements are Rockin’ It!

  1. 12-9-2014
    Hello Dianne,

    I also would like to see, not only the higher priced Golden properties, BUT… I am interested where the Mexican Families AND American/Canadian Families live in aNormal Family neighborhood of ALL Ages & Cultures, rather than be shuttered from the Mexican-Family neighberhoods.

    It seems that there ARE Also “Mixed Family Neighborhoods”, rather than just “Isolated neighborhoods…

    I don’t mean “Gang, or Rowdy Neighborhoods, BUT just nice, clean, middle-class working family neighborhoods…

    So, please show these also.

    My home in a suburb of Nanjing, China was called, “Venice Water City,” an upscale residential-commercial subdivision, BUT… I am interested in what ARE the “Mixed neighborhood” like, as well, where American, Canadian AND Mexican Families live !!!

    I realize you more inclined to show these more expensive areas, BUT.. at this point in my life, though /i have been in Sales & Sales Mgmt Most of my life, BUT… I taught in China for about 4-years & have been an “Adventurer” also much of my life !

    So, at this point, I WANT to KNOW the Regular Families from the USA, Canada AND Mexico who live in the “Average Mexica-Expat neighborhood…”

    Otherwise, would you please turn me on to a site tht might be more to what I am looking for in my First Venture to MAZ.

    I will first probably live in a one bedroom, furnished apartment, until I get to meet other Expats, look around, & THEN Decide where I will want to live, at least for a period of time until I get to know more people AND.. more of Maz.

    Thank you.

    Most Sincerely,
    Jerry & Xiu lan Rodrigues, in Santa Clara, California…

    Ohhh, my wife is Chinese & speaks Mandarin so it would be nice to meet some Chinese families who speak Mandarin also. THAT is the Main Language of China.

    • Dear Jerry and Xiu Ian,

      Welcome to MZT. If you read through the blog a bit, you will see a lot about middle class neighborhoods and local, non-tourist life. This is most definitely not a real estate site or a listing of “golden” properties. This is a family blog about our lives here. As mentioned in the post, the link to the city website will show you all the many improvements, including sewer, water, paving, etc., that are going on. The footer of the blog also contains links to other sites which may better suit your interests.

      I’ve asked our readers to chime in about Mandarin speakers. I know we have many in town, but so far no official “groups.” I believe that when you get here, you and your wife will naturally connect with Mandarin speakers, much the way I’ve connected with Japanese speakers. Good luck.

      • 12-10-2014
        Thank you very much Dianne,
        I will search closer… to find Mandarin-speaking families for my wife’s convenience!!!

        Jerry & Xiu lan Rodrigues

  2. 2-12-2015

    Hello Dianne,
    These photos are Very Beautiful New Revitalization of this area are very nice.
    However, the “Mailing Reader,” to send this to my email friends & Family is refusing one, or more email addresses, though these ARE Accurate email addresses.

    Jerry Rodrigues

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