List of Carnavál Floats and Dancers, 2014

1525675_613881078684076_1820584939_nCULTURA has just released this list of the floats and dance troupes that will appear in this year’s Carnavál parades. Print this out and bring it with you to the parade, so you know what’s what and who’s who!

There will be 34 floats constructed by seven different teams, 23 dance troupes, seven typical Sinaloan tamboras de viento, five bands, plus two percussion groups and two school bands, who will ensure that all attending test our their dance moves!

The parade this year will be in four sections, as usual.

First Section
Homage to Carnavál in Rio
Queen of Carnavál 2014 Lorena I

  1. Police
  2. Fireworks
  3. ECIMI
  5. Band from Technical Secondary School #5
  6. Float #1: Pacífico Brewery, Carnavál sponsors, created by Jorge González Neri
  7. Comparsa/dance group: Percusiones en la  Costa  Grupo Percusiones
  8. Float #2: Percussions on the Coast, designed and produced by Monofaber
  9. Comparsa/dance group: Splendor in Rio
  10. Float #3: Splendor in Rio, created by Monofaber, with models from Brasil, Mazatlán, Colima and Durango
  11. Electric Car: Brazil Tiger, first car with LED lighting
  12. Float #4: The Amazon, designed by Graciano Grande, with professional models
  13. Comparsa/dance troupe: A Mandela
  14. Float # 5:  A Mandela, designed by Jorge González Neri, homage to the African leader Nelson Mandela.
  15. Comparsa/dance troupe: Sol Brasileño
  16. Float #6: Sun, Sea and Fantasy, created by Jorge González Neri and representing South American nature
  17. Comparsa/dance troupe: Volando a Rio
  18. Float #7: Flying to Rio, created by Jorge González Neri, the sights of Rio
  19. Rolling sculpture of recently departed Carnavál Maestro Rigo Lewis
  20. Float #8: Royal Carriage of the Queen of Carnavál
  21. Float #9: The Sphinx of Cleopatra, 50 Year Anniversary of Queen Lupita V (1964)

Second Section
Homage to Carnavál in Venice
Queen of the Floral Games 2014 Marcela I

  1. Comparsa/dance troupe: Mexico-Japan Association (Nikkei), celebrating 400 years of the first diplomatic mission from Japan to Mexico.
  2. Float #10: Saint John the Baptist, the name given in Spanish to the Japanese ship Date Maru of the Hasekura Expedition to New Spain. Float created by Monofaber.
  3. Comparsa/dance troupe: Mexico-Japan Association
  4. Comparsa/dance troupe: Carruaje Sobre el Adriático
  5. Float #11: Carriage on the Adriatic
  6. Comparsa/dance troupe: León Veneciano
  7. Float #12: The Venetian Lion, symbol of the power of the Venetian Duke, created by Jorge González Neri, characteristic of a gondola
  8. Comparsa/dance group: Spirit of Carnavál
  9. Float #13: Spirit of Carnavál, Venetian personalities from the art of comedy: Harlequin, Pierrot, and Colombin, by Jorge González Neri
  10. Comparsa/dance troupe: Imperial Horses
  11. Float #14: Imperial HorsesMaestro Jorge González Neri.
  12. Comparsa/dance troupe: Venetian Masks
  13. Electric Car: Venetian Masks
  14. Float #15: Venetian Maks, by Jorge González Neri 
  15. Float #16: Perfume of Carnavál, the costumes and decorations of Venetian Carnavál, by Jorge González Neri
  16. Float #17: Royal Carriage of the Queen of the Floral Games, by Francisco Igartúa, respecting the style that Rigo Lewis established for Carnavál de Mazatlán for more than 50 years.
  17. Float #18: The Winged Lion, illuminated work of Jorge Osuna, Henry Wilson and Rafael Mitchell Cruz, representing the legend of Mark the Evangelist who was greeted by an angel on Lake Venice, ascending to heaven and returning to earth as a winged lion.
  18. Comparsa/dance troupe: Venetian Harlequins
  19. Float #19: Venetian Harlequins, illuminated sculpture by Jorge Osuna, Henry Wilson and Rafael Mitchell Cruz.

Third Section
Homage to Carnavál of New Orleans
Child Queen 2014 Zuszet I

  1. Musical Band from Puebla, guest school
  2. Electric Car: The Harlequin
  3. Comparsa/dance troupe: Masquerade
  4. Float #20: Masquerade, the masks and contagious musical rhythms of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, by Jorge Osuna, Henry Wilson and Rafael Mitchell Cruz.
  5. Comparsa/dance troupe: Flor de Lis
  6. Float #21: Flor de Lis, which will transport the Queen of Poetry 2014. Signifies New Orleans’ origins as a French colony, created by Jorge Osuna, Henry Wilson and Rafael Mitchell Cruz.
  7. Float #22: Challenge in the Swamp, commemorating the pagan spiritual traditions of New Orleans. Created by Jorge Osuna, Henry Wilson and Rafael Mitchell Cruz.
  8. Electric car: Crab, created by Jorge Osuna, Henry Wilson and Rafael Mitchell Cruz.
  9. Float #23: Carnavál on the Sea, created by Jorge Osuna, Henry Wilson and Rafael Mitchell Cruz.
  10. Float #24: Royal Carriage of the Child Queen, in the traditional style of Dr. Rigoberto Lewis.
  11. Comparsa/dance troupe: Wind, Percussion and Harlequins
  12. Electric car: Saxophone, music of New Orleans
  13. Float #25: Wind, Percussions and Harlequins, Ana Becerra debuts as a float designer. This float will transport Elba María Alcalá, commemorating her 25th anniversary as Child Queen, in 1989.
  14. Comparsa/dance troupe: See You Later Alligator
  15. Float #26: See You Later Alligator, which will transport Culiacán’s Child Queen. Float by González Neri, sponsored by El Debate.
  16. Comparsa/dance troupe: Bird Over Louisiana
  17. Float #27: Bird Over Louisiana, the diverse ecosystem of the New Orelans area, by Maestro González Neri.

Fourth Section
Homage to Carnavál of Havana
King of Joy 2014 Adolfo Blanco

  1. Electric car: Rio
  2. Comparsa/dance troupe: INAPAM María Elena Ríos (three cars from the port/API, with elderly women)
  3. Float #28: Tropical Bird, by Monofaber with professional models
  4. Comparsa/dance troupe: Cuban Flavor
  5. Float #29: Cuban Flavor, drum rhythms since the times of slavery, memories of Carnavál’s history. Royal Court of the King 2013 will ride on this float designed by Maestro González Neri.
  6. Electric car: Cubana
  7. Comparsa/dance troupe: Burn the Bongo
  8. Float #30: Burn the Bongo, muñecones and mamarrachos are distinctive of Carnavál in La Habana, complete with pots and pans as drums. Ramón Loaiza will ride this float to commemorate his 25th Anniversary as King of Joy. Float by González Neri.
  9. Float #31: Royal Carriage of the King of Joy 2014, by Jorge González Neri
  10. Float #32: Monarchs of the Caribbean, by González Neri.
  11. Comparsa/dance troupe: Play, Black Man
  12. Float #33: Play, Black Man, rolling float by González Neri 
  13. Electric car: Cuba
  14. Comparsa/dance troupe: Cuban Rhythms
  15. Float #34: Cuban Rhythms, rhythms and melodies from the island colonized by Spaniards and inhabited by African slaves, with a bit of Asian immigration thrown in. Float by González Neri.
  16. Police
  17. Civil Protection

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