Attention Puget Sounders! Sister Cities, Mazatlán-Seattle

Attention Seattleites!!! This is a wonderful opportunity, and VidaMaz very much hopes we can put you in touch with one another to do good things!!
Note from a reader:
“Hello, My name is Bill Hurley and I am vice president of the Seattle Mazatlán Sister Cities Association. Although the association has been dormant the past few years, we have a long history with Mazatlán dating back to 1979. We are looking for new members to help revive the great relationship we had with the city of Mazatlán.

Could you please help us by spreading the word with any of your friends in Mazatlán from the Puget Sound region who might be interested in such a venture?

Here is a brief rundown of some of the activities we have been involved with in the past:

  • Student exchanges with host families in Mazatlan in Seattle.
  • Hosting the delegation from Mazatlan for the Seafarer festivities in Seattle, including The Carnival Queen marching in the Seafair parade.
  • Bringing the Roosevelt jazz band to to perform atthe Angela Peralta Theater and El Quelite.
  • Installed computer labs at the boys Orphanage, El Quelite, and El Quemado.

Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Feel free to call me or give out my phone number to those who might be interested.

Bill Hurley

Bashing “The Donald”

US Americans residing here in Mazatlán, as well as their friends, were able to show our outrage with Donald Trump’s inanities yesterday, thanks to Oneil McGean of Cafe Playa Sur. Oneil filled two Trump-look-alike piñatas with candy, coins and hair combs (!), so that we could constructively and therapeutically release our feelings about his racist statements. Take a look: Kids and adults alike got in on the fun. Click on any photo below to enlarge it or to view a slideshow.

Those attending were so eager to hit the piñatas that I believe we could have destroyed about 20 of them. Thank you, Cafe Playa Sur, for this corrective and liberating event!

If you missed the piñata bashing, or even if you didn’t, you may enjoy releasing some of your irritation by watching the corrido below.

Amazing Bird Watching in the Heart of Mazatlán

DSC_0118Birdwatching here in the center of town is so very incredible. It never ceases to astound me how, amidst the traffic and pedestrians, and despite the bulldozers that are currently working full blast, the lagoon fills with every kind of gorgeous water fowl: ibis, cranes, herons, storks, ducks, bobos, spoonbills… It makes for a splendid sight, and wonderful sounds as well!

Estero del Camarón is arguably the heart of our city, located as it is halfway between the historic downtown and the delightful marina area, next to the Gran Plaza shopping center, just south of the Golden Zone, one block off the malecón, and one block north of city park/El Bosque de la Ciudad. The estuary, or “laguna” as most Mazatlecos call it, is representative of the brackish waters that dotted all of Mazatlán back in the day, when anyone could cast a tarraya net and bring in enough shrimp or fish to feed their family.

Today, instead of heading over to zumba, I enjoyed a peaceful morning taking pictures of some of those delightful sights in Estero del Camarón. By the looks of all the fish these birds were catching, food is plentiful and the water fowl are hungry! Click on any photo to enlarge it or to view a slideshow.

Today there were two guys fishing in the estuary; you can see them in one of the photos above. I also met Salvador, who was wading through the lagoon shirtless and barefoot, removing the litter that mindless passersby throw into this wildlife sanctuary. Thank you, Salvador! I met another man who told me he stops here every morning to sit for half an hour before work; what a wonderful way to start his day! I’ve previously done an article on the restaurant here, which is currently offering 40 peso breakfasts. I HIGHLY recommend you join them, and bring your binoculars ;)

We’re Going to the World Series!!!

team shot 2

team shot 2 It’s not every day you hear that around Mazatlan, but such has been the case since April, when the Mazatlan Pony League baseball team (Colt Division) won a tournament in Guadalajara with 8 wins and no losses and the chance to represent Mexico in the World Series in Lafayette, Indiana, USA from August 7 to August 12 of this year.

Competing in the World Series requires a lot of commitment by players, coaches and their families. Also, making a trip like this requires money. The good news is that the kids will not have to pay any hotel costs, but instead will be hosted by local families as part of a global outreach for international sports. However, the team has many other hurdles to jump in order to make this trip happen. By winning the tournament, the team received $3,000 USD to help with transportation costs. The team has also received a verbal commitment from the State of Sinaloa for $10,000 MXP. They will need more, and the team has held some fundraiser events and has been selling tacos every weekend since the big win.

The cost for the bus to Indiana (36 hours each way) has been negotiated down to 187,000 pesos. The team has managed to collect in cash and pledges 119,000 pesos, including the tournament winnings and the Sinaloa support. The rest has come from families like ours, local businesses and fundraising. That leaves the team short 68,000 pesos. For this, they are asking for some assistance.

Readers of this blog can show support by dropping off a donation to Post & Ship in the Golden Zone or by contributing via PayPal by clicking on the link below the video. The team did not have time to set up a special bank account for donations via PayPal, so instead, we asking you to donate to my PayPal account trusting that all of the funds collected will be given to the team.

In addition to transportation-related costs, the team also has to purchase a special uniform and has hired a professional trainer to aid the coaches. The team has a commitment and at this point they will go. If they do not raise the needed funds, the families will find the money themselves, somehow, some way—most likely by high interest credit. Please help them out if you’re able and willing!

Here is a little video of these great kids.

Donate Button

Thanks in advance for your support.



DSC_0849This morning Real del Valle was filled with warriors—of the obstacle course variety. LeTour Fitness held its annual “Warrior Race,” which was a 4k race that included a run up a hill and obstacles such as jumping over rolled bales of hay, scaling walls and fences, doing burpees, running obstacles, and crawling under barbed wire. It was my pleasure to watch Greg and Danny compete in the race. And, honestly, Mom enjoyed the eye candy, too. Click on any photo to enlarge it or view a slideshow.

There were at least three athletic events in Mazatlán this morning, including the CicloRun up the lighthouse/faro. This Warrior Race was fun because people dressed up and everybody had SUCH a good time: families—parents, kids, siblings, uncles and aunts—groups of friends and work colleagues—including a large group from UAS, and there were quite a few senior citizens. Two of my favorites included a pony-tailed woman who came in about 3rd or 4th place among the women, and a 68 year old lady who completed the race, but had a hard time with the final climb. The cool thing was that, in this race, people helped each other out, as you can see in the photos below, where people are actually pulling and pushing each other over an inflatable. Everybody finished the race muddy, wet, sweaty and happy.

As usual with events like this, there were at least three emergency calls that I witnessed—heat stroke, despite the fortunately overcast morning. Below are photos of who I believe to be the male and female winners; at least they came through in first place by a safe margin at the point in the race I was located.

Way to go, everyone! Thanks for the fun!