Cúpido Motorizado/Herbie the Love Bug, Mazatleco Style

cúpido motorizadoThis morning on the way back from church we saw a “love bug.” No, not Herbie, the beetle from the 1960s and 70s Disney movies, but a modern-day love mobile.

Covered with sticky notes from top to bottom, front to back (slide show below), each note covered in kisses and expressions of amor.

The custom of covering a car with sticky notes is common among young adults here in Mazatlán. We usually see it when the car owner is being congratulated for something — a graduation, for example. When we lived in Kansas City, young people would toilet paper one another’s houses to congratulate their friends. Big change from when I was a kid; back then t-p-ing someone’s house was an insult.

I love this sticky note custom. Danny doesn’t. He told me he’d hate to have his car covered like that.