Tributo a Maná, por Gaby

Lighting at Spectaculare

What a treat we had on Thursday night! 43 of Mazatlán’s best musicians played a Tribute to Maná, in a gorgeously loving effort to raise money for Gaby López, who is battling cancer.

Gaby sat at a center table, in her headscarf, surrounded by about twelve of her girlfriends. It was wonderful to watch all the hugs and well wishes extended to her throughout the evening. How could she not help but feel healed? The event took place at Spectaculare. I always love the lighting there, and Thursday night was no exception.

For a 120 peso entrance fee, we each got two drinks, comfy seats, excellent service and wonderful company at our table, for a show that was very well orchestrated. Band members and singers rotated for pretty much every song, so that by the end of the evening we felt as if we’d experienced dozens of different combinations. Below are some photos of the performers; click on any of them for a larger view.

In between sets, the organizers had slideshows of Gaby, her life, family and friends, as well as video clips containing well wishes from musicians and friends around the country. It was very touching. And especially cool when two members of the real Maná extended their encouragement via video.

It seemed there were several hundred people attending. There were also 300 peso/all-you-could-drink seats down front, but those were sparsely used, unfortunately. I put together a one-minute clip with a taste of some of the performances. You can view it at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Gaby, we don’t know you, but we hope you will recover soon: healthy and strong. Thank you for letting us share in this beautiful evening with you. Friends of Gaby: bless you. What a terrific event to orchestrate for a friend!