Circo Machado


The unicyclist and a performer on stilts watch the performance in the kiosk.

I was very excited to attend one of my beloved pasacalles, or street parade performances, last night in the Plazuela. It was called “Circo Machado,” and it was the closing event of this year’s International Theater Festival, Escena Mazatlán 2016. Can you believe the festival is finished already?? We all know how crowded the Machado gets on a Saturday night, filled with local families and tourists strolling about, so the event had a great crowd.

There were two performances, the first at 7:00 pm and the second following the theatrical performance in the TAP. That last one, just after 10:00, had fireworks, too. I had a party to attend, so the first one had to do it for me. And it did not disappoint!

I entered the Plazuela just before 7:00 to find it decorated with hanging umbrellas, as is so the fashion worldwide these past few years. The umbrellas were gorgeous amidst our colonial architecture, particularly with the lights of sunset in the sky overhead. Click on any photo to enlarge it or view a slideshow.

Promptly at seven 25 of the artists from Academia Dance, directed by Agustín Martínez and Aura Patrón, emerged from the Escuela de Artes de Cultura and marched joyously around all four sides of the Plaza Machado. We saw mimes, acrobats, dancers, a unicyclist, performers on stilts, and clowns.

After they made their way around the Plaza, a young woman got up on a small stage just outside the kiosk, and twirled fire for us. I happened to have a front-row view, which was fun, and I even caught Raúl Rico in a few of the shots, looking proud and happy.

Pasacalles are wonderful because the performers mingle with the people. Those on stilts danced with the crowd, particularly engaging the children. This is part of what I so love about Mazatlán: we have incredible talent, in huge variety, and so much of it is free to the public.

After the torch dance the festivities moved to the kiosk. There, we were treated to trapeze moves and aerial acrobatics, as well as dancing.

The Circo Machado ended just before 8:00, with a colorful burst of confetti.


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