Oh What a Night! • Día de la Música 2011


Oh what a night! One of our favorite events all year, this year was fantastic as usual. The winning combination?

  • Five open-air stages with 20 bands performing throughout the night
  • A sixth open-air venue, this one where we could watch visual artists create
  • Perfect weather, including a gorgeous moon
  • Mazatlán’s beautiful architecture and the ocean waves as a backdrop
  • The fun-loving, joyous, quick to laugh and dance-till-they-drop Mazatlecos
  • Enough of a crowd to feel the pulsating energy, yet uncrowded enough that you can find a good seat, a terrific view, and enjoy a good drink, cena or botanas…

I have not danced, sweated and laughed so much in a while. Thank you, Mazatlán! Below is my two-minute highlight of the evening. After you click “play” you can toggle to view in HD.

Twenty musical groups performed last evening between 7 pm and about 1 am. Those performing on Escenario Paseo Olas Altas (Banda y Tropical):

  1. Ensamble de percusiones
  2. Banda la Mazatleca
  3. Grupo Fussion (my personal favorite of the evening)

Performing on the Escenario Machado:

  1. Coro Guillermo Sarabia
  2. Camerata Mazatlán
  3. Pumcayo
  4. The Sconek-T
  5. Klezmerson
Performing on Calle Niños Heroes and Mariano Escobedo, the Escenario Rock y Tendencias:
  1. Venus Rex Machina
  2. Claussen
  3. Carlitos Ojos Rojos
  4. Los Insensatos
  5. Dapuntobeat
Performing on Calle Venustiano Carranza, in front of the Art Museum (Música del Recuerdo):
  1. Suncai Gitano (they were very good also)
  2. Grupo Fussion (they performed on two stages)
  3. La Negra, La Blanca y La Redonda
  4. Zarzuela al Piano
On Calle Venus, entre Constitución y Sixto Osuna (Escenario Fusión), were:
  1. Chadoma Social Club
  2. The Lori Davidson Group
  3. Radio 3
  4. Belle et Fou Texas
Visual artists at A la Vuelta de Venus:
  1. Carlos Olvera
  2. Ster Aguirre
  3. Dave Gamez
  4. Hello Sobre
  5. Iván Lizarraga
  6. Rodolfo Loaiza
  7. Iván Mayorquín
  8. Nava One
  9. Bacse
  10. Mayk Silvas C.
  11. Angelferd
  12. Salomon Cusehr
  13. Ferruco
  14. Norte 23
  15. Alex Knives
  16. Julio Montero
  17. Pablo Llamas
  18. Crisarth
  19. Paulina Rueda
  20. El Dante
  21. Roberto Vásquez
  22. Braulio Armenta
Link to our friend Nancy’s blog entry on last night’s events. She has some very nice quality video.


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