A REAL Sushi Place!


About 90 pesos worth of great fresh food!

Yes, really. If you read this blog, you know of my ten-year quest to find authentic sushi in our beloved land of fresh seafood. Sushiko does, to my chagrin, serve a few rolls with cream cheese (“gotta give clients what they want”). But Ko, the owner from Morioka who worked for years in the US and speaks English and Spanish in addition to his native Japanese, also serves real nigiri (traditional palm-made sushi, served in pairs) made with good quality rice, wasabi (it’s powdered, but just try to get it on sushi most places here in town), and served with shohga (pickled ginger root). 

Ko has been a sushi chef in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Switzerland before coming here to Mazatlán. OMG, I have died and gone to heaven! My prayers have been answered!

Sushiko has been open just one week, though Ko has been living in Mazatlán since September. Ko’s wife, Martina, is from Chihuahua. They have a 22 year old son who lives in Japan, and she has two older daughters and grandchildren also living here. Welcome! 

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The nigiri offerings are few though outstanding, as you can see by the whiteboard, below. But, as time goes by, I’m sure Sushiko will serve a greater variety of fresh seafood. And it’s incredibly affordable, as you can see! Ko’s offerings vary by the day according to what’s been caught. I can’t wait till scallop season! Ko has already gotten Toyo Foods to stock a few things I’ve long been wanting, so all is, indeed, good. I may even get shime-saba, eventually!

In addition to nigiri and a few Mazatlecan-type rolls, Sushiko serves a few traditional Japanese rolls: tekka maki with tuna, umekyu with plum and cucumber, and nattoh maki with fermented soy bean. There is also cooked fare, including tempura and kushiage (Japanese kabobs).

And more good news: Ko actually has purchased and installed a professional refrigeration unit for the fish, so we can see what’s fresh and how fresh it is, and so that it can stay fresh! Not exactly common here in Mazatlán, and a wonderful sight! You other sushi shops want one? Call Alberto, the technician at Maz Refrigeration, 6691-11-5880.

Sushiko is located on Paseo Claussen in Playa Norte, in front of the fishermen, just south of Pescadería del Mar and Chikkowi—three of my favorite places all in one short strip! Sushiko is a small place with only four or so tables, but if my dream comes true, it’ll soon be popular and have much better digs.

It’s closed on Mondays, but open the other six days per week from 1-11pm. Telephone is 6691-42-5501. They are not doing delivery or take out, so be sure to come in or order to-go to enjoy this wonderful food. And tell them I sent you!