Desfile de Semana de la Moto 2014

It was wonderful to have our friends over for the motorcycle parade this afternoon, the culmination of Moto Week 2014. Here are a few highlights.

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Governor Malova led the parade on his bike, as usual, and Mayor Felton and First Lady Sylvia accompanied him. They all looked like they were having a great time. Short clip below.

Unfortunately at the very end of the parade there was a crash: two bikes crashed, and one jumped the curb up to the malecón. The rider flew off, and Greg was collateral damage. He’s ok but very bruised, swollen and sore. One other young woman—who had been walking by—was bleeding, and she and the poor man who flew off the bike left in ambulances.

It could have been much worse; our prayers are with all the riders. For the record, all those affected were immediately and very kindly attended to by Cruz Roja, Protección Civíl, Tránsito, and bilingual officials from MotoWeek.