The Three Musketeers and Iván I, King of Joy

529197_10200666104953372_645108508_nIf you read this blog you know how much we love Mazatlán, and Carnavál. The best part about Carnavál? It’s such a community event. Sooooo many families, people of all ages, and from most every socio-economic level of society, participate in this event and have a great time. It is truly a family and community affair, and traces the history of our port city.


Today, Thursday, we are working hard and also looking forward to the coronation tonight of Iván I, the King of Joy 2013. Amidst that anticipation, what should arrive in my inbox? A note from a new friend, a friend of a friend (remember Marco’s incredible maqueta of Mini Mazatlán at Christmas time?)!

It seems his aunt, Sodelva Rios de García, is a seamstress. She and her taller team made the costumes for tonight’s coronation. Now we know that the theme will be “The Three Musketeers” and that Iván will be D’Artagnan!

She and her team make most of the royal costumes, including those for Carnavál Queen, Queen of the Floral Games and La Reina Infantíl. This year’s gorgeous vestuarios are nearly ready for their debut!


Be there or be square, people!

Here is a more thorough reporting in El Debate, including a terrific video interview that has now been added to the VidaMaz YouTube channel.