ExpoCar Mazatlán


My lifelong quest to experience different cultures had me tonight doing something very out of character: breathing in the smoke of burning rubber. Mazatlán has its MotoWeek, which, to my great surprise, we enjoy every year, but this was our first visit to the annual ExpoCar events.

The burning rubber was part of the quemado de llanta events this evening in the huge lot near Sumbawa. Cars lined up for their turn to hit the brakes while simultaneously accelerating, in a contest to generate the most smoke. Families with young children, couples, and groups of friends gathered for the opportunity to inhale the worst-smelling stuff this side of the water treatment plant. Despite the horrible effect on the environment (the event is just wrong, for me, on so many levels), it was actually quite fun.

Our involvement with ExpoCar started this afternoon, when 200 or so cars paraded by our front window, twice. It was awesome! The event includes every kind of car you could imagine: old and new, race and muscle, stock and drag, way tall and low-rider, classic and custom, SUV, truck and car… Last night and tonight these cars are on display in the event space: doors, hoods and trunks open to reveal the cars’ inner workings.

We failed to take a camera when we walked over tonight, so the photos are just from the cell phone. My favorite car had a DVD play in back, with TWO screens, HUGE speakers, and GORGEOUS lighting. Want to party on the malecón? On a quiet stretch of beach? Plug in your favorite banda DVD, and let ‘er rip! The photo does not do this car justice; it was waaaaay cool!

Another thing that fascinated me were the cars with parachutes on the back. In the photo at left, the car has two parachute packs, plus little mini wheels off the back.

You may know about these, but personally I had no idea they existed outside of made-for-TV test strips. There were several cards with chutes on the back. The little wheels, I suppose, are meant to prevent the car from tipping over backwards.

Greg had hoped to male-bond over this event with Danny, but Danny had other teenagers to hang out with. Had he joined us, I think he would have loved the Volkswagens that were there. He’s given up on the Nissan 350Z, the Mustang GT and the Camaro, and now more realistically hopes for a bug as his first car. These were awfully darn clean and nice.

ExpoCar began Thursday night with a big TRI concert, followed by concerts both Friday and Saturday nights. There is of course a “Chica ExpoCar” contest, and racing both Saturday and Sunday at the Autodrómo Mazatlán.

All in all, not a normal Saturday night date night, but definitely something fun and different.


Desfile Semana de la Moto 2011 / MotoWeek Parade

This is our third Moto Week parade. It was much lower key than other years–fewer people, less organized. The parade lasted at least two hours. We LOVED it. Time to sit back in our chairs, sip a soda or beer, look out over the ocean and the incredible sky, and thank God that we are able to live in Mazatlán, amidst so many fun-loving people.

There are lots of photos in this album (130 or so). It’s really fun. So, please, pour yourself a cup of something, sit back, and enjoy… Join us next year!