“The World Via Motorcycle”

malecon1“My name is Nate Clark Kayhoe and this spring I begin 2 years of traveling the world on my motorcycle — crossing 5 continents and through at least 75 countries. This page will be where I share in the adventure.”

We had the pleasure these past two days of hosting Nate and Chris Santacroce, friends of our nephew, at the beginning of their most wonderful adventure. And how exciting it is! They began by making their bikes, and departed from the East Coast of the USA. When they arrived here in Mazatlán yesterday they were on their fourth day in México, and enjoying every minute.

mapFortuitously, today is Nate’s 30th birthday. We celebrated in the Machado with cena last night. Both young men quit terrific jobs—one with Christie’s auction house and the other with the US government—to make this exciting journey. Chris will make the trip through the Americas for about six months; Nate will continue on, planning the two year around-the-world journey. His planned route is in the photo above.

Should you wish to track their journey, or give them a sofa or floor to sleep on, I know they would love it. You can do so by “liking” their Facebook page. We are so excited for them, and very grateful they brought their energy into our home and shared it with us. Below I’ll post a few more photos, in slideshow format.

Be safe, guys! Enjoy yourselves and your journey fully! We’ll be tracking your progress!

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Favorite Things in Mazatlán

Fresh seafood, of course! Life here means waking up, getting Danny off to school, and walking or biking the malecón (oceanside promenade) with a cooler. We may decide to visit the pescaderos (fishermen) at their pangas (boats) in Playa Norte, or one of the two little pescaderías right across the street, to buy pargo (seabream), lenguado (sole), huachinango (snapper), or maybe sierra (saw fish) for a good ceviche. We can buy enough fish for two meals for US$3.50, or pay a bit more for swordfish or dorado, and significantly less for octopus (sometimes US$1 per kilo!) or squid. We might buy a kilo of fresh prawns for 40 pesos (US$4), or oysters from the ostioneros as they come to shore with their inner tubes and netting (US$4/dozen). We have some great conversation, beautiful views, shop for lunch, and exercise, all at an easy pace and before beginning our work day.

Zarandeado (bbq), al mojo de ajo (garlic sauce), a la parilla (roasted), in ceviche (marinated in lime juice), or raw, Mazatlán’s seafood and seafood sellers have me singing “el gran orgullo de ser de Mazatlán!” (the great pride of being from Mazatlán)

The Green Man. Yes, he is one of my favorite things here in Mazatlán, along with dozens of other really cool and unique vehicles of all descriptions. The first time we saw him, he was also dressed up all in green and wearing a green helmet with horns, like a Jolly Green Giant version of a Viking. These days he’s added the cart to the back of his bike, and he always has his dog with him.