Guns, drugs, and La Barbie: Why America is responsible for Mexican drug cartels –


This is one of the best stories I’ve read recently on the drug war. The month or so I spent in the US this summer, it was THE most frequent question I heard. Whether I travel to India, Japan, or Europe, it’s the question I get most frequently. “What about the violence? What’s up with the drug wars there?” Here’s some insight.

Last year our kids participated in a Model United Nations conference. The goal was to generate new ideas from young people, thinking outside the box, on how to end the violence. They worked so hard, they put their minds to it, but it’s complex. It defies un-unified resolution, I feel. And it definitely demands global attention and resources; one country can not stop this alone.If you are interested in the culture that has arisen around the drug trafficking, you might be interested to read an earlier blog I wrote, on Jesús Malverde.An amazing blog, to me, is the Blog del Narco. Obviously written by, or contributed to by, people with insider information. It has been taken down and started again in recent weeks, but is currently back up. It’s in Spanish.

A graphic of some of the trafficking routes and major players can also be viewed online.

May our world gain in wisdom, equity, and peace, starting with each of us and how we treat others in our lives. And may our friend Enrique rest in peace. He was a very good man.