Siesta-time Visitors

emptynestersThey’ve flown the coop!

We so enjoyed our rosy finches this year. They have come back to nest and expand their family every year that we’ve lived here in Mazatlán, and they are so very welcome.

The babies hatched a while ago, and Greg and I have been enjoying watching the parents bring them food. Over the weekend, there was a whole lot of chirping and commotion. I knew they were about to “fly the coop,” so to speak.

I got a photo of a couple of the babies flying out to our terrace. We’re on the 11th floor, so it was sort of scary, watching them fly for the first time…

Today, silence as we awoke. We have enjoyed their birdsong and beauty for nearly two months, but we are empty nesters yet again! 😦

Be well, finch family!


Thank you, birders, for helping us! Click above to hear the birdsong as heard on our deck.

Every year this pair of petirrojos—rosy finches—or another very similar looking couple, makes a nest in one of the spider plants on our terrace. They lay their eggs and spend weeks frequenting our space, to our enormous pleasure. We are so blessed that they choose our balcony on which to grow their family! They wake us up with their singing in the morning, which is not a frequent occurrence when you live on the 11th floor. They serenade us through our mid-day meal, which we always eat outside, and they check us out as we take our siesta in the sunshine. Aren’t they purrdy? Click on a photo to see it larger or view a slideshow.

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