Post and Ship – A lot more than meets the eye.

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Some of you are probably familiar with Post and Ship, and some may not be. No matter which category you fall into, most people don’t fully realize the range of services they provide, nor the history behind this Mazatlán institution. I encourage you to use their services, as it helps support local families, and you get the mail you want; so much better than those impersonal faceless scanning services, which suck the profit off to who knows where, but certainly not Mazatlán!

Post and Ship is owned by a U.S. American living in the States. When the store first opened in the 80’s it was a Mailboxes, Etc. franchise. After many years operating in this fashion, the decision was made to sever ties with the conglomerate and provide the same services at lower prices. Thus, Post and Ship was born in 2003.

When you see signs or business cards for the business, they say Post@Ship as compared to Post&Ship. The legal documents use the word ‘and.’ How the @ symbol got to be part of the printed name is a mystery, but a tradition that remains to this day.


Despite the name, the largest and most important service provided to the community of Mazatlán is private mailbox rentals with a U.S. mailing address. This service is invaluable for many extranjeros living in the city, as well as Mexican businesses who want a U.S. presence. Renters are provided a unique mailing address in Laredo, Texas. There mail is sorted and shipped twice weekly to Mazatlán. The sorting facility is huge and shared with other companies, including Estafeta. There is a Mexican Customs (Aduana) representative on site, and any packages shipped to Mexico must pass through the customs office for clearance and applicable duty assessment. Packages are shipped separately from mail and bundled with others’ packages to keep the cost down.


In addition to mailbox rental, as the name implies, Post and Ship will box up your national or international packages and help you get the best price from FedEx, UPS or Estafeta. They are an official UPS Access Point, so prepaid UPS packages can be dropped off there.

Another great service is outgoing mail to the U.S. and Canada using the U.S. mail. For 20 pesos for a one ounce or less letter or card, they will ship your stamped card to Laredo, where it is put into the U.S. mail service. It is illegal to sell stamps outside of the United States and Canada. So, you need to bring some stamps with you. If you don’t have stamps, they will ship the letter to Laredo where it will be stamped. This cost 45 pesos for U.S. and 65 pesos for the Canada (including the shipping).

Post and Ship is also part papeleria, selling a wide variety of office supplies like pens, envelopes, markers, folders, etc. They provide copier service, scanning service, incoming and outgoing fax service, and they even make keys! They are kind enough to maintain a community bulletin board with useful information to the foreign community in Mazatlán. They are often a pick-up point for tickets for various events happening here. And for those so inclined, you are welcome to use the wi-fi while you’re there.

Did I mention they also teach Spanish for free?! Well, not formally. Perhaps the best thing about Post and Ship are the two wonderful charming ladies who keep it running and provide customer service: Ana and Melva. Ana began working for the company in 2002 when it was still a MailBoxes, etc. Melva joined shortly thereafter in 2003 when the new business was born. They are both bilingual and happy to help you in English, but they are also the most patient and helpful Spanish conversationalists I have found in Mazatlán. They always smile, are incredible multi-taskers, and know all of their clients by name.

Post and Ship is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 to 5:30, Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00, and closed on Sundays and Mexican holidays. Mail arrives from Laredo on Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes it arrives in the late afternoon, and mail may not be sorted until the following day.

A standard size mail box costs 3,080 pesos per year or 1,940 for six months. Larger boxes are available, but are mostly used by local businesses.

They are very excited about their new location. The entire store has moved to Bugambilia 201 in between Laguna and Av. Camaron Sabalo. There is a Farmacia Moderna on the corner and they are just west of that. The best news is that Bugambilia is a two-way street with ample parking. If you are coming to the Golden Zone from the south, take the left at the light as though you were headed to the Hotel Playa and make your first right onto Bugambilia. If are coming from the north, slow down when you see DHL and Domino’s Pizza and be prepared to turn right at the aforementioned Farmacia Moderna.  They also have a Facebook Page.  Phone number is 916-4010 and email is

Finding a way to deal with the “business” of our lives while living abroad can be difficult. Some people forgo U.S. mail and favor all things electronic. But, a majority of people still like to receive mail. If you have struggled to find a way to receive your mail from abroad or just need to have some copies made, stop in and visit Ana and Melva. You won’t be sorry.

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6 thoughts on “Post and Ship – A lot more than meets the eye.

  1. 1-9-20157
    This information is very good, very important, BUT… WHY doesn’t this site allow Printing of this information so subscriber’s who want to Move to Maz can print this info & other info for later use?

    I am able to print other items of info, but not from this page…

    It would be a convenience IF it was allowed to be printed.
    Such as the “Chickens for the Poor,” festivities.

    A Great Reminder….

    Please Advise …

    Thank you,
    Jerry Rodrigues

  2. Jerry, I do not know why you are unable to print from this page. We have placed zero restrictions on it. We are able to print. I am guessing it must be a setting on your computer. Perhaps if you try another browser? Thank you for reading. We are happy to know you find the info helpful! We hope your move here will go smoothly!

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  4. I live in teacapan and I want to know if I can send and receive packages with you to and from the states. I also wanted to know about the rates if you could please!!!!??? . My email address is
    Thank you
    Chuck Reau

    • Hi Chuck, We have forwarded your message to Ana from Post & Ship. She will be in contact with you via your email soon.

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