Bento Grill: Worthwhile East Asian Food


If you read this blog you know I crave Asian food. I make it at home, but finding good Asian food in a restaurant here (I know you all have your favorite Chinese place) is not easy. My favorite sushi place (Mahi Sushi), which opened with huge success, has sadly fired their chef in an effort to save costs, and the food is definitely not what it was originally. Bummer!

This past week we visited a new place, owned by a Korean-American guy from Orange County, Brad. He also owns the yoghurt place in La Comercial Mexicana/MEGA. It’s called “Bento Grill,” “box lunch” in Japanese, and is housed where Boba Tea/Saigon Sandwiches used to be. Sad loss of great noodles and bubble tea now that that’s gone!

Anyway, Bento Grill is offering up a few different kinds of bento-box lunches that include a deliciously spicy miso soup, and in the box lunch itself salad, kimchi, fried shrimp, white rice, and your choice of main dish. I had bulgogi beef (ribeye) and Greg tried the spiced pork, which we both very much enjoyed. The menu also includes short ribs and chicken bento boxes, as well as okonomiyaki/seafood pancake, and tacos made from the same Korean-spiced meats. The bento boxes were 120 pesos and very hearty and tasty, and we really loved the soup, too. Greg and I both took some home as there was too much food.

Bento Grill is well worth checking out if you have a craving for some Korean flavors in your day. They have indoor, air conditioned seating, which is so important this time of year, both upstairs and down. Brad told me we are all welcome to bring our own bottle (wine, alcohol, beer) to enjoy with our meal. The restaurant is open noon to 10:00 pm every day except Monday. Located at Camarón Sábalo #552, just north of Munchkins and across from and north of Dairy Queen. Telephone 669 913 0787

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