Las Barbikiu de Cochi – Great ribs right here in Mazatlan!

One of the most commonly searched out foods in Mazatlan is great ribs. Most of what passes for great ribs in town are not, they are just relatively better than what everyone else has. Well, the bar has just been raised. Oswaldo Cordero opened his new barbecue stand on Saturday Sept. 28. These are meat packed ribs with incredible smokey flavor and a homemade sauce. Oswaldo lived in the Bay Area for over 12 years and is happy to speak English with you. Click through the pictures to learn more, like how to find him!

Facebook page:
Phone 669-932-89-39
Deliveries available for orders over 3 kilos – but then you miss the chance to talk to the Sheriff!

Open seven days a week beginning at 1:00 until around 5:00. Rain or shine!

Finger lickin’ good – provecho!

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2 thoughts on “Las Barbikiu de Cochi – Great ribs right here in Mazatlan!

  1. Say, you two. My name is Alana and I’m friends with Irma and Jeanette. I met you briefly at Carnaval last winter. We live part time in Maz in the same building as Jeanette. Anyway, I’m wondering if you two know much/anything about Mexican Corporations. We have such and we are in the process of selling land in Sonora that is in the corporation but even our realtor is a little fuzzy on how to do this with the corporation. I should add that the corporation has 2 pieces of land in it and there has been no activity so it has been in ‘suspension’ for several years. Does that help? Anyway, we are looking for some guidance and our notario in Maz hasn’t returned our calls. We are currently in the US and will probably be in Sonora in early Nov and then in Maz as soon as we can be there. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and we look forward to actually meeting you in the daylight 🙂 when we are down. Alana and Richard Eager

    • Hi Alana,

      Thanks for the note.

      The questions you raise are not at all in our area of expertise. I would suggest you talk with a good accountant and a notario. If you continue to have issues reaching your notario in Mazatlan, contact us ( and we will give you a name or two.

      Travel safe and good luck with all this. Perhaps when you are done, you can teach us how it all works! 🙂


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