Ciudad de los Niños, Day Two

Hard workers, proud of where they live

Hard workers, proud of where they live

You saw the photos and Indiana Jones-spoof video about the big earth-moving project Danny and his friends did at one of our local orphanages a couple of weeks ago. Everyone worked their buns off and had a great time. Well, yesterday they were back for round 2. Far fewer people, but the hard workers definitely showed up.

It started off with just Danny. He got out a pick, shovel and hoe, and went to work on the two remaining, much smaller than they had been, piles of dirt. It was HOT and humid, but he had a lot of water in a cooler. Pretty soon, remarkably to us, several of the boys from the orphanage came out to help. And they did! They worked hard! They shoveled despite the heat, they laughed, they asked Danny how to do it, and we were privileged to witness them taking pride in making their home a better place in which to live.

Soon Danny’s friend Juan Carlos showed up. He was there the first time, too. He’s a great friend. And the boys worked hard for an hour or two, in the mid-day sun.

Then, gratefully, the bulldozer showed up. Hooray! Bless Noel! With the big machine he of course made much quicker work, flattening out the remaining dirt piles. In a couple of hours more Scouts and another ICO friend showed up, and the guys continued their shoveling. Danny is truly blessed with some good friends here.

After a while one of the two the volleyball nets Danny had purchased was set up on the new supports they’d made, and an inaugural game was played. I missed that part, so no photos of the game, I’m sorry to say.To conclude the day, the young men played a soccer match with some of the boys from the orphanage. It was a terrific second visit for all involved!

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