Life is a Parade! (¡Especially on the Malecón!)


Since we’ve moved here, I find myself frequently telling people, “Oh, it’s another parade,” as I rush out to the terrace to enjoy the festivities.

In the spring, during the festival season in the city’s schools, we can get three or four parades pass by in a day. You might think that after five years of living here, the enthusiasm diminishes, but who can NOT smile when you see colorful balloons, hear oompah bands, and usually get to see young people with smiling faces, crowns and sashes? Everyone shouts and hoots, beeps their horns, waves a flag or banner, and there is always a police escort with lights flashing and siren blaring.

No, the malecón is not the place you live for peace and quiet. It’s a pulsating artery of the city, and we enjoy that completely. Several times a week we also have terrific fireworks to watch, and there is always a rush in the house to discover whether the fireworks are out front over the bay, or out back over the stadium at the city. Ah, life’s challenges.

I took a bit of video of today’s parade. I think it’ll bring a smile to your face…. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do! Simple but sweet. Video is below.

For those of you who wanted to view the video but couldn’t, because I’d used a clip from a song, I’ve now deleted that clip and the revised video is above. You should be able to see it no problem now.

About Dianne Hofner Saphiere

There are loads of talented people in this gorgeous world of ours. We all have a unique contribution to make, and if we collaborate, I am confident we have all the pieces we need to solve any problem we face. I have been an intercultural organizational effectiveness consultant since 1979, working primarily with for-profit multinational corporations. I lived and worked in Japan in the late 70s through the 80s, and currently live in and work from México, where with a wonderful partner we've raised a bicultural, global-minded son. I have worked with organizations and people from over 100 nations in my career. What's your story?

5 thoughts on “Life is a Parade! (¡Especially on the Malecón!)

  1.    It’s blocked to see here in Reno. At least that’s what the noice said when I clicked on the film.   I always loved those parades, no matter how small they were.


    • Thanks for letting me know, Marlene. HOpefully YouTube will release the block once they’re able to promote the song. As you can imagine, I inserted a short audio clip of “Walkin’ on Sunshine” in the middle. Maybe YouTube is getting stricter. Or EMI is. 😉 Glad to know you love a parade as well!

      • PS, the video shows a southbound parade, and while I was filming it, a northbound parade came by at the same time. Quite the cacophony! The video is a spoof of two sports teams competing.

    • Are you in the USA, Tom? Sorry! I made a video about two competing parades yesterday. I inserted a short audio clip of
      “Walkin’ on Sunshine,” and my guess is that is the problem. Prior to this, YouTube would always post a button for listeners to purchase the song if they wanted. I guess that’s now changed and I need to stop using music…. Glad you like the posts! Thank you for joining us here!

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