Ice Skating in Mazatlán: Feria Navideña

1.IMG_0615The ice skates are here, all lined up and ready to go!

1.IMG_0611Workers from DF were installing the ice rink today. They told us they plan to freeze it tomorrow, and then turn it over to the city on Friday.

The Christmas Fair, the reason we’ve had major traffic jams all week in front of the Bosque de la Ciudad/City Park, is scheduled to open on Saturday.

1.IMG_0583It is going to look great! Workers have built small houses and shops out of wood and sheet rock. Tomorrow they’ll be painted, and we’re told they will be selling Christmas items.

1.IMG_0589There were oversized gifts, also made out of wood and sheet rock, which had already been painted. They are right at what looks to be the entrance.

1.IMG_05951.IMG_0621There were lights galore, wrapping palm trees, overhead supports, arches, and the new buildings. At night it is going to look spectacular.

1.IMG_0600There looks to be a petting zoo, a wishing well, and, of course, a large Nativity scene.

There is a stage for performances, and no doubt we’ll hear a choir or two.

1.IMG_0606And, best of all for the kiddos or young at heart, there are carnival rides!


The rides include a gondola or ski-lift-type ride leading right up to our new and temporary ice skating rink!

Be sure to stop by and check it out! This looks to be a wonderful new addition to the Christmas holiday for Mazatleco families.

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8 thoughts on “Ice Skating in Mazatlán: Feria Navideña

    • Right. I definitely support the city trying out new things, especially when it involves getting families out and about and physically active. I don’t think it’s the best location, as it impedes traffic flow so much, and parking and crossing the street safely will become an issue. I do support more people using City Park, though!

  1. ok… I have 2 volunteers for you….. let me know when the best day and time is that they should show up and where. They will be more than willing to get on the ice and skate with everyone! they are from Canada so skate all the time!

    • That is so kind of you, Janice! Thanks! The person looking for volunteers to teach is Roger Culbertson, founder of the blue shirts (Tourist Aide Volunteers). I can get your message to him, but you may want to be in touch with him directly so he has your contact information (which I don’t see here). The kids are going to love it! Let’s just hope we don’t have accidents. I grew up on the ice; hard to imagine how someone who hasn’t will react. Happy holidays!

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