Caimanero & Walamo: Day Trip from Mazatlán

Though Danny’s been in school a week already, tomorrow is the “official” first day of school. He took off with a bunch of friends to Isla de la Piedra, so Greg and I figured we should head out for a day trip as well. Where to go? We’ve been wanting to get back to Cosalá, but since it was already late by the time we were ready to leave that seemed too far to go.

We hadn’t been to Caimanero in a while. How about some zarandeado? Yeah! Even in the heat of summer, the beach has a nice breeze, so as long as we’d be under a palapa at one of our favorite restaurants, fresh fish, a gorgeous drive and an incredible view sounded great!!!!The drive to Caimanero is super easy and very scenic. You basically only make one turn, through Walamo, to get to Caimanero from Mazatlán. The drive is very relaxing, with lots of rural vistas and small town scenes. Estuaries with waterfowl (cranes, storks…), beaches and palm trees, mountains, and aguaculture farms (both shrimp and fish).

We left at 11:30, we were home by 6:00, we stopped a dozen or more times, and we ate a very leisurely and delicious lunch that only cost us 250 pesos with tip for two people with beer. Get your day trip gear on and take a trip, people! Enjoy! Be sure to watch the slideshow below to see just how incredibly lucky we are to live in Mazatlán, with so much to offer in the city and nearby.

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4 thoughts on “Caimanero & Walamo: Day Trip from Mazatlán

  1. Paul,After you cross the bridge into Villa Union, stay in the right lane. Quickly, you will see a sign that says El Walamo with an arrow to the right. The street does not look like much and you will question whether it is the correct street or not. It is. The road will take a series of twists and turns. Just follow it. It will take you into and through Walamo and eventually to Caimanero. The restaurant we go to is the second one as you pass the malecon. Provecho.Greg

  2. They say the best restaurant there for zarandeado, the one with the freshest fish, is the first one: El Tigre. Whenever we've gone it's so crowded there that we end up at La Perla next door.

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