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  1. 11-30-2014

    From: Jerry Rodirigues of Santa Clara, California

    Very Beautiful Fireworks AND a LOT of Nice, Friendly Expats living there!
    I’ll be Very Happy When I join then, first probably in January, or February, get me a place to live for one month & look around, hopefully for a nice, but inexpensive home within a Mixed Family Community of not only expatriates, but regular Mexican Famlies so it is More Homey, rather than being exclusive to expatriates.

    I’m only on Social Security now, but… when I was liivng in China & had a Very Beautiful Home in Venice Water City I had grown a Teaching Business & had a very nice monthly income. However, when I returned home to Santa Clara,I found that I could noto nly find work, because I am 76+ years old, but not everyone makes $200,000.00, or more as some of the “Silicon Valley Engineers, et al do.
    So, I decided to move to Maz, which I had planned on doing in 2008, before I was invited to move to China to possibly teach.
    However, from the things that have transpired since returning to Santa Clara, though I really enjoyed teaching in China & My Students were & still are My Greatest Treasure, probably should have moved to Maz in 2008, as I had originally planned.

    Beings much of my life I have been in Sales & Sales Mgmt., I am considering possibly building a Teaching Business as in China, OR… going into Real Estate Sales, seening what appears to be an immense opportunity there, amongst Really Nice people, Expats AND Mexican Familes!!!

    So, I would be Quite Happy to also Receive email to my personal email address of: jerryrodrigues@ymail.com

    Please Help me find a place by communicating with me!
    Thank You ALL, Very Much,

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